Prodiva, a family company

Prodiva is a family company that got its start in 1992, when it opened its first warehouse at Rungis, the world’s largest fresh produce market outside Paris. This gave it a foothold in the business of selling Italian table grapes to the larger food retailers as well as organic produce, meeting Demeter’s biodynamic agriculture standards.

Developing our organic produce business

Our Italian growers
have led the way for decades

Prodiva first got into biodynamic agriculture, a new mode of organic food production, at the instigation of Salamita – a leader in this respect in Sicily that, since 1964, has earned a solid reputation and brand recognition in Europe – when the latter entrusted our company with exclusive distribution of its products for all of France. Adopting this new philosophy of organic farming, Prodiva rapidly concentrated on developing this line of business, partnering with selected growers in its drive to deliver top quality.

Prodiva’s sales force

Maintains strong customer relationships

A sales team of four handles business with wholesalers, organic food stores and the larger food retailers. Maintaining close relationships with its customers, Prodiva upholds the company values of proximity, responsiveness and flexibility. To meet all customer requirements, we offer both standard and customized packaging solutions, achieving a level of service quality recognized by our peers.


Two logistics centers

In 2018, Prodiva divided its logistics operations between two centers. The first, located at the Rungis food produce market outside Paris, handles logistics for deliveries to wholesalers and direct sales on the “Tile“ (Carreau des Producteurs) at Rungis. The second, also in the Paris area, features a fully refrigerated warehouse occupying 2,000 sq.m. from which Prodiva ships produce to destinations all over Europe.
This logistics set-up allows Prodiva to deliver within 24 hours to destinations in the greater Paris area and within 48 hours to points elsewhere in France.


Tracking products from A to Z

Prodiva tracks its produce “from farm to fork” to ensure its food safety and quality. Upon arrival at a warehouse, each parcel receives a batch number that is used to digitally track it at every step of storage, preparation and/or packaging, packing and shipping.

Packaging station at Wissous

Its own fleet of packaging machines

A few years ago, Prodiva invested to create its own platform for packaging and packing organic fruits and vegetables. It is now able to offer both standard and customized solutions per customer request.